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Full Flash Site

Flash can be used to create animations, animated menus, movies, games and more. Flash animations can be made quickly, using a certain type of FLASH MX, which provides the designers with visual tools easy to use and understand.

Usage of Flash: Advantages

  • Flash animations can be rescaled without losing the actual image quality.
  • Flash animations can be embedded in HTML pages as menus, movies or web site layouts.
  • Excellent to create presentations, short courses, quizzes.
  • An effective multimedia tool in business marketing and e-learning.
  • Easy control and model of the degree of interactivity for a certain animation.
  • Flash movies have a high loading speed, being rendered with controllable quality by all major modern web browsers.
  • Good for small web site.
  • Usage of Flash: Disadvantages

  • Flash is not optimized for search engine indexing if files are not connected to XML file.
  • The content of your Flash animation is not visible for search engine spiders or web crawlers.
  • Due to unoptimized raster images, the size animation will determine higher page loading times.
  • Higher page loading time will loose many of your visitors or customers.
  • Updating the Flash content is more expensive than traditional non-flash based content.

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