Web Design : HTML Site


  • Your web site can work as an operational hub of your business. As printing advertising is getting more expensive and "People do not read", a well-functional web site can give you a solid platform to transmit company information, history, products, coupons, etc.
  • What do you need to put a basic web site?

A Well-designed Website

Web site should be designed with nice, less complicated layout without heavy flash.

Fast load is a key important factor. Always optimize all your images at 72 resolutions. If you have lot of images to put on, decorate your gallery page with small size images for fast downloading than add popup windows to display bigger views.

Using a slide show with flash fade in and fade out feature, your product pictures can be displayed within minimal space in less downloading time. There are other different ways to create slide shows for easy and fast download.

Your web site can be very attractive from design point of view. But priority should be on easy download with zero broken links, web crawler friendly with site map, easy navigation and METATAGS with correct searchable keywords.

Here, in Design Dhaka, we can put together a comprehensive marketing plan where your website will be a key marketing tool. This also help you to create brand identity for your products.